African-Canadian Career Excellence

What is the ACCE program?

The African-Canadian Career Excellence (ACCE) program aims to help young Black university graduates establish and grow rewarding careers in their field of specialization, particularly in the region of Montreal, Quebec. It is being developed in partnership with CEDEC, BCRC, as well as some of the most innovative companies and public service institutions.


How can I get involved in the ACCE program?

For Black undergraduate students / recent graduates: Simply head over to our volunteer page to register as a participant for our ACCE workshops! Please note - eligible participants should not be under the obligation to leave Quebec upon graduation, and ideally should also be open to building at least the first stage of their career in Montreal and/or Quebec.

For organizations: If you're a forward-thinking company, government department, individual member of the business community or of the public service, and you like the idea of the ACCE program, please contact us so we can discuss how to partner up!


Why is there an African-Canadian Career Excellence program?

Many talented and above-average Black students graduate with strong records of academic and extracurricular achievement. These successes, however, may not directly translate into opportunities to pursue the career of one's dreams. In today's economy, the tertiary education degree/diploma does not guarantee employment, let alone a start to a meaningful career.

It's clear that most of today's recent university graduates face an uphill battle when trying to establish their careers. Unfortunately, for Black graduates / graduates of African descent in the Greater Montreal area, this challenge looms even larger, and opportunities remain fewer, than they do for the overall population of university graduates on average.

As a result, a very large portion of each cohort of Black university graduates leaves Montreal as soon as possible - often, within a matter of weeks after graduation. Should they eventually succeed in finding employment, those who do remain are frequently under-employed. This phenomenon leaves the Montreal African-Canadian community bereft of many of its most able and talented members; and the Greater Montreal area and Quebec as a whole suffer from this talent exodus and under-utilization, which deals a double blow that negatively affects both the region's economy and its sociocultural diversity.

The ACSioN Network and its partners seek to reverse this challenging trend - and thus have created the African-Canadian Career Excellence program.

 Who is developing the ACCE program?

The ACCE program is being developed through a triple partnership between the ACSioN Network, the Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation (CEDEC) and the Montreal Black Community Resource Centre (BCRC). In addition, stakeholders from both the public and private sectors are contributing key components and vital expertise to the program.




More details and news regarding the ACCE program

>> Please visit the ACCE program page hosted by our partner CEDEC.


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