Africana Film & Discussion Series

What is the AFDS?

The Africana Film & Discussion Series is a year-round series of film screenings and discussions which provides a forum for local university communities to increase awareness and understanding of issues pertaining to Africa & the African Diaspora. The general public is also invited to come, participate and learn! See our brief FAQ below for more information on the AFDS.

Q. What kinds of films do you show?

A. Although a full range of films are screened, the AFDS frequently includes films which are out of the mainstream, or which are not very well-known in North America. The series spans many genres of film, including comedy, drama, documentaries, historical films, etc. Each of the films selected - no matter its genre - is a good common reference point for discussion about both contemporary and historical issues facing communities of Africa and the African disapora across the world.

Q. What type of discussions do you have?

A. We advance the level of dialogue on Africana issues and facilitate understanding by promoting an ethos characterized by respectful, balanced, well-informed, and nonviolent discussion. Moderators prevent discussions from becoming irrelevant or disrespectful, so that all can benefit from a healthy exchange of ideas.

Q. Awesome! When and where is the next screening & discussion event?

A. The AFDS events are hosted by local ACSioN Network university chapters, in collaboration with the members and member-associations of the region. Check our events page to discover the next screenings happening in your area!



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