ACSioN-Concordia 2019-2020 CEB Candidates

 Come meet the candidates and cast your vote at 6:30pm on Friday, April 12th 2019!

Location: Concordia University's John Molson School of Business, 1450 rue Guy, room MB 3.435.

We asked all prospective candidates the following question:

“If you were to be elected, how would your experience, skills & talents enable you to fulfil the specific responsibilities of the position you aim for, as defined in the ACSioN Network-Concordia Constitution?”

 Central Coordinator Candidates (1):

 no confirmed candidate


Background: Haiti

Program of study: Child studies

Statement: "I am determined to help the Black community advance and provide opportunities beyond what it thought possible. In addition, I'm enthusiastic and have a sense of leadership." (translation)

"Je pense qu'avec ma détermination d'aider la communauté noire à progresser et de leur fournir des possibilités qu'elle n'envisageait pas. Je rentre dans la même philosophie de cette association. De plus, je suis passionnée et j'ai un esprit de leadership." (sic)

Education Coordinator Candidates (1):

 no confirmed candidate


Background: United States of America, Antigua

Program of study: Psychology

Statement: "As an outreach coordinator, I would be able to use my skills in logistical coordination and organization awareness to help prepare for events." (sic)

(Note: Dana ISAAC changed her first preference to Education Coordinator from Outreach Coordinator immediately prior to elections)


 Finance Coordinator Candidates (1):

 no confirmed candidate


Background: Kenya

Program of study: Specialization of Sociology & Anthropology

Statement: "My past experiences with Non-profits and funding committees have allowed me to gain a certain familiarity and passion for wanting to help within the community.



 Outreach Coordinator Candidates (0):

 no confirmed candidate

None yet confirmed

Background: N/A

Program of study: N/A

Statement: N/A





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