What is the Media Program?

Launched in the Fall 2007 semester, the ACSioN Network's Media program has provided an outlet of expression for the young African-Canadian university community which continually overflows with amazing creative talent. Its primary goals are:

1.) To aid the ACSioN Network's Public Relations department in documenting the ACSioN Network's events and activities for posterity, and to showcase the best of what the Network's members - young students and professionals of African descent - have to offer to Canadian society and the world.

2.) To support up-and-coming progressive young journalists and media personalities of African descent in their development of pertinent, professional media skills.

In addition, Media program participants work with the ACSioN Network's Public Relations department to advise other media organizations which seek to provide truthful and respectful portrayals of people of African descent.

Content created by the ACSioN Media Program:

ACSioN Network News - A progressive news videocast series which focuses on happenings within the community of students of African descent.

AfroPundit - A discussion panel talk show series, which provides a moderated forum for well-informed, articulate students of African descent to debate the issues of the day, with particular attention to issues affecting the African-Canadian community.

ACSioN blog - A news blog which focuses on happenings within the community of students of African descent, and any other.

Promotional videos - Short clips which promote the activities of the ACSioN Network and its partners and member-associations.

And lots more! - Satirical skits, short films, music videos and more are in the works for the next season! Sign up to volunteer today - no previous experience necessary, we'll train you!



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